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Starting a business presents specific challenges, not every business owner knows how to face or handle. The same happens when starting an e-commerce business. Many make mistakes that can be avoided if they have the correct information, resources, and tools to set themselves up for success. Steven Ridzyowski is an e-commerce and digital marketing expert who founded Ecommerce Marketing Agency. He has seen every mistake been made, so we sat with him to get advice for up-and-coming e-commerce business owners.

As business owners, we can get stuck in our own ways. We might not want to accept change because we’re comfortable with where we are in our business or simply scared of what the future holds for us. But as an entrepreneur who specializes in marketing, I learned quickly the importance of accepting failure early and recognizing the changes that are going on in the market.

Brian Jaesung Kim is the Chief Operating Officer of Ecommerce Marketing Agency, a full service ecommerce automation company in Miami, Florida. Brian is also the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of DFY Ventures, a technology investment company aimed to help people grow their capital. His upbringing engrained an unstoppable entrepreneurial spirit from the get-go, and the rest is history. Today, Brian works to help others build their wealth and businesses, and inspire others to become something great.

Most people can recognize a good opportunity or a good idea when they’re presented with one. Considering that, it’s no surprise that more and more people are looking to entrepreneurship to make a living. It isn’t hard to understand how the idea of being one’s own boss, picking one’s own team, and following one’s passion might appeal to a great many people from all walks of life.

eCommerce and digital marketing expert Steven Ridzyowski encourages new business founders to use a turnkey solution when starting their venture.

Entrepreneurship always carries a degree of risk, and it’s even riskier during uncertain times. Whether you’re facing industry-wide changes or a global economic downturn, outside factors can further complicate the process of starting a business.

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